#Video Message… For Those with Disabilities

Hey guys! Ive been super busy lately with getting things rolling on my youtube channel. Sorry about that. I feel like I am going to do a lot more vlogs on my life with CP as well as just my family/pregnancy vlogs. It really has been a TON OF FUN already. I am loving it!

Anyway, last night I posted a message for EVERYONE. Not just people with disabilities and I wanted to share it with all of you lovely people, because you all seem so kind and supportive! Anyway, if you haven’t yet, please check out my channel and let me know any ideas you may have for videos. I am making these videos (well the pregnancy/Cerebral Palsy videos FOR YOU! So, any input from you all is needed! ❤

Thank you all for all the support so far. 😀

#Growing a Human: Week 17

Going into my 17th week! Wow! I cannot believe I am almost half way done. Anticipation as growing as next week we will once again meet with our specialist OB for our BIG ultrasound!

I am struggling with myself though, as to whether or not I want to find out the gender of the baby, and still have the party on the 1st to share it with everyone else. What are your opinions?

This week (to me anyway), my belly seems to be the same size. but little movements are much more frequent then they have been, so that is pretty exciting. Almost, all of my pants though, no longer fit now, so I am down to a pair of maternity jeans, a couple pairs of sweat pants, and some pajama pants…. Man I really need to invest in some clothes. Maybe some longer dresses and sandals???

I know that I still have yet to get very much for the little one. However, I suspect, here soon we will be in full on “baby mode” (Which I am super excited for)!

As far as any issues relating to my disability and pregnancy, there really isn’t much. With the exception of the severe back pain that I have always had. I keep up positive thoughts daily, that things continue to go smoothly.

Cravings… Hmmm… I don’t really have specific cravings at the moment. I just want to eat a lot. 🙂

16 Weeks 1 Day (17th week)

16 Weeks 1 Day (17th week)

#Using 90’s Parenting VS Today

Since I am a stay at home mom (its not as easy as some people think), I have a pretty basic routine. At least until the new little one is born. I wake up and feed kids breakfast, while they ask for cookies and candy to eat. Um… no… I make myself my coffee and sit to eat with them.

Let me just say, before I go any further into this. I do not believe in helicopter parenting. When your children are a bit older (not in the baby phase of life), I see nothing wrong with letting them free play on their own. That is, as long as you involve yourself when they are communicating with you. I do find crafts and things to do with my children but not constantly. I believe they have to be somewhat independent and do things on there own.

When I was growing up my sister and I used to always play outside together or in our rooms by ourselves. We did our own thing and we liked it that way. We still ate dinner every night at the table as a family and we had family game nights on the weekends. This was our normal. Working parents could certainly work out a set schedule similar to this one. 🙂

Now, parents are expected to constantly be hovering over their children, doing crafts and sitting with them all the time. Now, yes you should take some time out to do things with your children, but how can you constantly do it when there is housework and lord forbid time for yourself needed done too.

It is okay to NOT be a helicopter parent. You are not less of a parent for taking time away for a little bit to get house work or watch a TV show for yourself. We as parents are now conditioned to our lives being over when we have children. This is how parents CAN (not all the time) get burnt out and sometimes even resent their children.

For example right now, my daughter is building with legos at the table right next to me… I stopped what I was doing and helped her build her “dragon”, and now as I am typing this I am being eaten alive by said dragon. See, I am still involved with what my daughter is doing, and still doing what I wanted. What’s wrong with that???

Just a simple peace of advice: JUST RELAX, over analyzing parenting doesn’t make us better parents. It makes our lives much harder and less enjoyable.

#My Domestic Violence Story

I never really liked these videos until I tried to talk about my story. Its really hard to talk about painful things without getting choked up and crying, so I did it the best way I could.

Please share this video to everyone, to let them know they are NOT ALONE ❤ If you or someone you know is going through a Domestic Violence relationship, please seek help immediately. Domestic Violence can happen to anyone at any time.

Here is a link to some surprising facts regarding Domestic Violence


#Top 5 Things Children Make Huge Messes With


Not my image, but oh my!!!!

Here is my list of the top 5 things you cannot leave out around small children… Or else you’ll be stuck with a huge mess!

  1. Eggs, flour, or other fun to throw around foods: I’m not sure what goes through a child’s mind when it comes to these messes. Maybe the believe the are cooking like you, or maybe they just like the texture of the items. Either way, if they get a hold of some of these things you are in for a huge mess. I would invest in some locks for your cabinets and refrigerator ASAP!
  2. Crayons & Markers: This one has been an ongoing issue with my daughter, so now we have taken to strongly supervising her when she is coloring. She had been taking markers and crayons and she would hide them. Later on I would find her lovely artwork all over all the walls. She’s like a little graffiti artist doing her work under the cover of darkness while we’re sleeping. It has taken tons of elbow grease to clean up.
  3. Toilet Paper: This has only happened to me a handful of times, but like cats, children love to unroll the entire roll of toilet paper, shredding it and making fake snow storms… Funny, yet tough to clean up…
  4. Makeup and Toothpaste: Children imitate what they see right? Well, my daughter likes to sneak into my bathroom and “Pretty herself” with my makeup and tooth paste. When in reality she’ll come out looking like something out of a horror movie. Only sticky and minty fresh while at it.
  5. Large amounts of toys: We all know children need toys and they love them. The stimulate imagination, creativity and for the most part are just plain fun. However, for some reason they are convinced that they need that one toy, that’s all the way at the bottom of the bin, so all of the toys end up scattered all over the floor, Its like trying to climb the rocky mountains to start cleaning them up!

There it is…. Children are messy messy beings but even if we get frustrated with the messes… It is funny and even cute sometimes. Messes make for great memories. Do you guys have pictures of some of your child’s messes??? I’ll post some of mine if you will!

#Immunizations: The American Parental Debate

vaccine(1)Disclaimer: Let me first start this post off with saying, I am not here telling you what to do regarding your own children. I am expressing my opinions on the topic. If anyone is offended by this post, then you are simply being offended by someones opinion that is different from your own.

I want to say that I personally am shocked by the amount of people that are NOT vaccinating their children. I am shocked that people are believing statements from someone that were proven to be false, about someone saying vaccines can cause Autism and things like that. I completely disagree with this choice as a mother, and here is why.

Preventable (This is the key word here) diseases such as Polio, Measles, Smallpox, Pertussis, ect were almost eradicated in the United States completely. Notice I said almost.

Now, there are all these parents claiming that vaccines aren’t safe, and their children are developing other complications to them, so in turn they are not vaccinating their children.

Herein lies the problem… By not vaccinating your children, not only are your children at risk for catching these serious and fatal illnesses, but… You are putting newborn/small babies (who cannot be vaccinated for everything right away), and even those of us who are vaccinated are at risk.

What I am saying is, if you are choosing to not protect your child from diseases that throughout history have killed countless people, that is your business. However, your children, who are potentially infected, are put into society with my children, without my knowledge, and are then able to infect my children. That’s not right.

I apparently have no say in protecting my child, even with them vaccinated. This is because you allow your potentially infected children to interact with mine.

I am not trying to tell you, that you’re wrong. Do I think it is dangerous? Yes.

If you do not wish to vaccinate your children that is fine, but you should have to inform schools, and places of that nature so, that other parents can be made aware that their children are potentially at risk. It is a matter of public health and safety as a whole. not simply your child’s safety. I do encourage everyone to rethink their position on vaccines, but as I have stated I am not here to tell you that you are wrong. Simply to tell you, I am upset that my child has to be put at risk too, because of your choices.


#Society Today Concerning Our Children

As a young person, I enjoy social media, music, and occasionally having a “mom’s night out”. I have seen the rise of this amazing thing we call “Social Media” and it is an amazingly powerful tool, no doubt. How is it being used by today’s youth though?

As a mother in today’s society, I do not expect my children to boycott any technology or to not want to be current on the trends. I expect them to want and do what’s here and now. The question here is, how much freedom do we allow them to have? I am a social media butterfly and I have seen the gritty underbelly of the internet. I have seen what not monitoring your children online can do. Its plastered all over news, radio, newspapers, and websites all the time.

My solution to this is talk to your children early. Explain to them before they start using social media/the internet, why its important that they be monitored. Show them real life examples of why you shouldn’t post certain things like: nudity, drugs, guns, ect. Explain to them, and this is important, that not everyone online will like you, people will try to say nasty things to you… You don’t let what some stranger says online hurt you… They are behind a screen and probably way more worse off then you.

Our children offline, our very materialistic beings now. They are expected to dress a certain way, have certain things, and do certain things to “fit in”. I’m already telling my son at 6, if people pressure you to do things that in your heart you are unsure of, then they aren’t worth being friends with. Kids need to realize that actions they take now, will/can affect their futures for the rest of their lives. Its up to us as parents to be honest, raw, and real with them. We all know children feel like they are indestructible.

Let me tell you, I am scared to death of raising teenagers, but growing up in this society myself, I have knowledge about what they may face, more then my grandmother’s of father’s generation did. I can only hope that practicing early intervention will be a good thing for my children. I want the best futures for them.